"Turner is an absolute standout."


Graduating with First Class Honours from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2013, Laura Jane has gone on to perform locally with Red Stitch Actors Theatre & Complete Works Theatre Company, and internationally with Chunky Move.


Her Academy Award qualifying and solo performance short film, Curve premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and has gone on to screen at over 50 festivals worldwide, collecting multiple award wins along the way, including Best Short Film at Sitges Film Festival – one of the world’s largest and leading international film festivals.

Since 2017, Laura Jane’s focus has shifted to creating and supporting female driven content. A soon-to-be film school graduate, she teamed up with Girls Act Good (a collection of female creatives) to create the award winning web series, Last Breath which has screened across multiple countries, adapted Cate Kennedy’s The Testosterone Club for her graduate film (in which she wrote, directed, edited and produced) and is now collaborating with an incredibly strong female team to give life to Patricia Cornelius’ award winning stage play, Slut.

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